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Why Hydroponics?

We're using modern hydroponic vertical farming techniques to grow fresh greens and herbs in an urban landscape, on a minimal footprint, and with 90% less water than traditional agriculture.



The most dramatic difference between hydroponic farming and traditional agriculture is in the demand for water. To reach the same yield with hydroponics demands roughly 90% less water because the H​2​O in the system is recirculated and reused. Living within the Cahaba River watershed, one of the most biodiverse and delicate in the world, every drop used or wasted makes a difference.


Traditional agriculture takes large tracts of open land to reach commercial viability. Hydroponic farming’s flexibility allows us to realize commercial yields in a small fraction of that footprint. Vertical growth quite literally means the productivity of hydroponics is head and shoulders above that of traditional agriculture in the same land area.


Pests & Disease

Eliminating soil in favor of inert growth media comes with a host of benefits. No soil means no pests, eliminating the need for harsh pesticides to preserve crops. Common plant diseases also cannot tolerate a soil-less growth environment, meaning healthier, more bountiful harvests.

Transport & Waste 

Those healthier plants are more robust and durable, minimizing loss that would otherwise be discarded in conventional farming. Our central urban location helps cut the waste of transport as well, eliminating emissions from long-range shipping to get our crops to market.

Astronomical Clock

Labor & Time

Finally, hydroponic farming is easier on people, too! The labor required to maintain our plants is significantly less than in

conventional agriculture. Further, the ideal growth environment we carefully curate ensures our crops grow quickly—in as little as half the time of comparable crops in soil.




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