Where can I buy your produce?

Construction is currently underway at our indoor grow room. Our expected completion date is Winter 2020. Sign up here to receive the latest updates on our progress.

Can I visit the farm?

Of course! Our goal is to show everyone the benefits of indoor farming. Once we have completed construction, we will post updates on social media with more information.

Is your produce Certified Organic?

While we will follow every step necessary to bring Birmingham organically grown produce, we will not be Certified Organic. Being certified as an Organic farm is expensive and we have decided to wait until a later date to go through Organic Certification.

Why is it called Yellow Hammer Farms?

Our farmed is named after the farm our founder's grandfather started in Tyner, North Carolina: Yellow Hammer Farms.

Are you hiring?

We're always looking for great talent! Click here to learn more.

Hydroponics? Are you growing what I think you're growing?

If what you think we're growing is various kinds of lettuce (kale, romaine, etc), greens (bok choy, spinach, etc), and herbs (rosemary, basil, etc) then yes! We hope to begin growing fruits and vegetables soon.

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