About Us

A brief history

First incorporated in 1993 by our founder's grandfather, Yellow Hammer Farms started in Tyner, North Carolina. Surrounded by other local farmers, their focus was to grow a product not currently grown locally: popcorn. This approach to farming gave us an idea; create an indoor, climate-controlled farm that focused on growing produce that is in high demand and not readily available at competitive prices.

Yellow Hammer Farms - Our namesake's first location. Tyner, NC

The future of farming

Our indoor grow room in Birmingham, Alabama will allow us to bring fresh, sustainably grown produce to customers no matter the season. The initial grow room will be focused on producing various types of lettuce, greens, and herbs that are either not available locally, or too expensive. We hope to begin growing fruit and vegetables in the not to distant future. Our research and development team will constantly be pushing the limits in order to bring you more varieties of produce everyday.

Yellow Hammer Farms - Rendering of Yellow Hammer Market. Birmingham, AL